Sending smiles through Sasai

Think about this. You are miles and miles away from your loved ones, working tirelessly to make the world a better place for them. You receive a message that your family urgently needs money to take care of life’s little emergencies. Gladly, you send them what they need because you’re always there for your family, even from the end of the world.

Hasn’t online money transfers made life more manageable? Thanks to Sasai – Africa’s first truly global super app – you can send money instantly to any part of the world.

Sasai Pay allows you to transact in so many ways. You can choose to do bank transfers, scan-to-pay, cross-border money transfer or international remittances.

Sub: Why choose to use the Sasai super app for cross border payments?

1.Quick & reliable: No amount is too little or too much for us to transfer. Your transaction will be done and dusted before your next cup of coffee.

2. We are international: Name the place and you’ll find us there! If you need to do a cash pick-pick, we have outlets that you can collect from.

3. We are affordable: We have the lowest transfer fees on the market.

4. We guarantee security: We use a world class technology system that ensures utmost security for your transfer so that it arrives to your recipient safely.

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