DPT deploys new solar projects as blackouts continue

Zimbabwe and South Africa continue to face extensive power outages, creating huge pressure on their national grids.  Faults due to heavy rains in some parts of Zimbabwe are also the cause of the long blackouts.

Amidst the power shortages, DPT has reported a rise in the demand for reliable power supply from businesses.  With over 3MW of PV panels already in stock and ready for deployment, we have ramped-up deployment of solar solutions. We have already installed 6 new commercial and industrial projects in Zimbabwe in the last few months. Among them are brands like Total, Makro, Tanganda and Schweppes.

Solar energy is fast becoming the solution to addressing the energy deficit in the country. In the long run it can reduce dependency on energy imports from neighboring countries.  Our financing solutions have eased adoption of solar energy for industry and commerce.  In the global agenda, Zimbabwe seeks to achieve a 33% reduction in emissions by 2030. As the country gears itself towards global competitiveness, energy remains a critical pillar in delivering economic transformation.

Commenting on the impact of solar on the country’s industry, Zimbabwe CEO Mr Divyajeet Mahajan said: “Our financing solutions have significantly eased the adoption of solar energy by commercial and industrial businesses.  We are seeing more companies start to their green journeys by migrating to grid-tied and diesel generator integrated solar systems to increase up-time.

We provide solar solutions at zero deposit and zero technical risk, on a lease agreement. View our latest projects on www.dpaafrica.com/projects.

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